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  RAB is a backup program featuring backups to removable media and to CDR(W). Here, a removable medium may be anything like a DVD RAM, a MO medium or even a partition on another hard drive. RAB supports full backups and incremental backups configurable on a per directory basis. Most of RAB's functionality is implemented by a shared library, so it is easy to create customized backup applications for your personal system.

RAB is designed to save user files on a personal system with one or a small number of users. All backups will be saved as single files on normal filesystems, so you will have comfortable and uncomplicated access to all your precious files. A simple example using rab is contained in the RAB manual.

The current version is RAB 0.5. To download a copy of rab-0.5.tar.gz, please use the links on the left hand side of this page. To build and install RAB, please read the included README file and follow the instructions therein. If you don't feel like reading some README file and your system uses rpm, just try to type

./configure && make rpm

If everything works, you will end up with a binary rpm package rab-0.5.rpm, ready to be installed on your system.

When running under X, you may also try to use a small graphical build script provided by rab. Just type


after unpacking the rab tarball. RAB is free software covered by the GPL, please see the included file COPYING for details.