CD Writing

When writing a checkpoint to a CD, RAB relies on external programs, first to create the CD image file, and second to actually burn it to a CD. Usually, we will use mkisofs(8) to create an ISO9660 image, and cdrecord(1) to burn it.

Possibly, you prefer to use special options with these programs, or an entirely different program, so RAB does not call either mkisofs(8) or cdrecord(1) directly, but uses two shell script wrappers and instead. Both of these files are in the library directory used by RAB, usually /usr/local/lib/rab, and they must be executable, of course. You may edit these scripts to customize them for your system. The scripts are called as follows.

This script is called with exactly three arguments. sourcedir imagedir imagename
Of course, sourcedir is the complete path of the directory to be packed, imagedir is the full path of the directory the ISO9660 image file is to be created in, and, finally, imagename denotes the name of this image file.

This script is called with three parameters, too. imagedir imagename device
Here, imagedir is the full path of the directory containing our ISO9660 imagefile, and imagedir is the actual name of this image file. The final argument, device is the device string as expected by cdrecord(1). In fact, this is just the string defined in the global configuration file rab.conf. When using another CD writing program, device may mean something completely different, RAB itself does not care.