The RAB package

The RAB package consists of the following files.


The global configuration file /etc/rab.conf.

Data directory

The directory /var/lib/rab contains additional configuration and the internal data files.

Library directory

The directory /usr/local/lib/rab contains auxiliary files used by RAB.


At of this version, RAB contains only one executable program /usr/local/sbin/rab.


RAB provides the manual pages rab(8), rab.conf(5), rab(5), rablib(3), and additional HTML and postscript documentation in /usr/local/lib/rab/doc/rab. The manual pages are installed in the directory /usr/local/man. Actually, the HTML files are the primary documentation and the manual pages mostly refer to them.


The header files rabversion.h and rablib.h are installed in the directory /usr/local/include.

Shared libraries

The shared library will be installed in the directory /usr/local/lib/rab/lib.

All of these directories are default values used to create this document. You compiled this package locally, and maybe you also changed some of these compile time constants, but produced no new customized documentation. In this case, the paths used in this documents don't match the real program. Some of the really used paths are contained in the manual page rablib(3). Note that you may change some of these locations in the global configuration file.